2014 July 20 Breaking News USA Navy's Superweapon electromagnetic railgun Mach 7 targets 110 miles


Published on Jul 19, 2014

2014 July 20 Breaking News USA Navy high speed rail gun – USA Navy’s new superweapon, the electromagnetic railgun, Capable of lobbing projectiles at speeds in excess of Mach 7 – 5,000 mph — to destroy targets as far as 110 miles – Land tests successful in 2014 and at sea test scheduled for 2016




Think about the above report than look at this. So can volcanos be triggered to erupt in order to implement SRM related to geo-engenering? Look lower left screen it has been reported that it was a meteor that caused the eruption, maybe not, I’m thinking…

If you search the “Railgun”  you will see that there are also being designed to be discharged from space. Who knows what the Chinese, Russians, or other countries have in the works.

Check out the latest investigations on The Dick Clippings.


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