“The one lesson I learned in life is that the grass is always greener over the septic tank” — Erma Bombeck


I have been working in the background of Climate Viewer News for quite a while. I’m Bill Knarr, also known as Bilkii the Dick. I grew-up a “military brat,” a title I hold with pride. My informative years were spent growing up in Cold War Europe, which was an adventure. If you have not lived that lifestyle, you can not understand. During this time, many extreme historical events took place that had the world on edge: the invasion of Hungary by the Soviet Union, the closing off of West Berlin, the raising of the Berlin Wall, the Bay of Pigs, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the Kennedy Assassination. The American’s state-side had no clue, or little clue of  how the world was on the verge of nuclear disaster. Other events were Vietnam, Watergate. These are just a few events that changed my life and the way I look at things.

The news in Europe was not the news one would hear or see on AFRTS/AFN or state side, thus there were two perceptions one European and that of an American. Because of conflicting reports, many questions developed, and one needed to discern the truth. There are three sides to every story, your side, my side and then the truth.

To make a long story short, my work history is as follows.

As a kid, I visited my great-grand father at a nursing home, and noticed over time that there was a man that never had visitors. One day, one of his great-grand kids showed up which visibly filled the man with light and joy. The kid did not stay long, saying he would be in trouble. To my knowledge, that was his only visitor. That left an indelible impact on me and I carry the memory with me still. I thought I could make a difference in someones life. I began work and training at school in the morning and work in the afternoon. Over a number of years, I took every training program and completed all certifications that I possibly could. I moved up the ladder because I enjoyed what I was doing. One day, the employees in my building called me into the day room, and I sensed the hostility immediately. I was told how I was making them look bad. What? I had compassion for my clients and cared for their personal hygiene, just doing the things I hoped someone would do for me if I were unable to care myself. After that meeting, things started to change.  I think the higher-ups saw what was going on, but the treatment became so unbearable I felt it was time to leave.

My next endeavor was in waste-water treatment. I started from the bottom and again worked my way up, achieving a class 2 waste water treatment plant operator licence, which was an external enjoyment. Once you know the intricacies of treatment and how it works, it is simply amazing. Please know that treatment removes only solids and pathogens, using micro-organisms to consume the bio-matter. All along the discharge points of plants (which are usually in your local river) and down stream there are trace amounts of medications the population consumes. These chemicals are not removed, so if your fresh drinking water comes from rivers, you could be drinking trace amounts of anti-depressants, estrogen, blood pressure medication and anything in between. Yes, trace amounts are considered small, nonetheless, they could be in your drinking water and bio-accumulating in local fish. Let’s not forget fluoride and that’s added. To shorten this story, I did not fit the “Good ol’ Boy” system.

Quantum Reality by Nick Herbert
This book changed my mindset. It’s a great read, take your time and enjoy it.

Now, we come to the nuts and bolts of what I have come to love. My history has been to always ask questions, to gather information and answers. If something does not fit, there begins the trail.  As with any endeavor, one starts at the bottom and works up the ladder. Becoming proficient in anything takes time and training.

The following are a list of my accomplishments

  • Security+
  • Security Operations
  • Weapons
  • Surveillance
  • Intelligence Analysis
  • Security Training
  • Department of Criminal Justice Certified Instructor
  • Firearms Instructor
  • Enforcement
  • Counter terrorism
  • Executive Protection
  • Tactics
  • Force Protection
  • Security Management
  • Undercover Investigations

These are just a few of the things I am qualified in.  Research seems to be what I do best. Given an assignment, I will find what I’m looking for. It may take a while, but I will always find it. When I am wrong, I will accept it and move on. NEXT! Though I would rather work in the background, I am willing to be brought to the forefront of the TRUTH movement because I believe in Climate Viewer News.




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